200h Eco Yoga Teacher Training

Traditional Hatha Yoga serves as the foundation for our 200-hour Multi-Style & Eco Yoga Teacher Training, because it is the asana-based practice from which all other Yoga styles evolved.

Oct 1 - 21
Nov 5 - 25


Feb 4 -24

March 3 -23

April 7 -27

May 5 -25

Sept 1 -21

Oct 6 - 26

Nov 3 - 23

300h Eco Yoga Teacher Training

In our 300 Hours Advanced Yoga Teacher Training we give you the chance to explore new areas of Yoga and to include the new insights into your own teachings.

Oct 1 - 25


Oct 2 - 26

100h Asthanga Vinyasa Training

Ashtanga Yoga is life changing, from improved physical strength

and flexibility to boosting mental wellbeing


October 1-10

50h Arm Balancing Training

Arm balancing is a dynamic practice within yoga that involves supporting and balancing the body on the hands,

often while the feet are lifted off the ground.It requires a combination of strength, stability, flexibility, and focus


October 16-25

60h Yin Yoga Teacher Training and Traditional Chinese Medicine

60 Hour Yin Yoga & Traditional Chinese Medicine Teacher Training program

aims to equip you with a comprehensive to understanding of Yin Yoga

April 7th - 13th