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All Serenity yoga shalas come equipped with rubber yoga mats (TPE, eco-friendly), yoga blocks, yoga straps, bolsters, bluetooth & NFC connected sound speakers.

Additional options (available upon request): Projector, projector screen, whiteboard, drinking water, music system, educational skeleton and standing fans.

Rates negotiable for longer durations

Banyan Shala at Serenity 1

With the largest capacity of 50 people, this spacious, well-aired, and wood-floored space is Serenity’s flagship shala. With a 360 degree view of its surrounding, located on the 3rd floor.

Capacity (pax): 50
Hourly Rate: IDR 300,000
Daily Rate: IDR 1,500,000
Location: Serenity 1
Flooring: Wood
For Aerial Yoga: No

Nirvana Shala at Serenity 1

With a view of the pool and Canggu Beach, this shala is on the 2nd floor of the Nirvana building. This shala has wood flooring and plenty of ventilation.

Up to 16 people can join a Flyhigh and 19 people for an Aerial yoga class.

Capacity (pax): 25
Hourly Rate: IDR 200,000
Daily Rate: IDR 1,150,000
Location: Serenity 1
Flooring: Wood
For Aerial Yoga: Yes

Conexion Shala at Serenity 1

Our smallest shala at Serenity 1, Conexion shala is perfect for small groups looking for exclusivity. Has a view of the pool and neighbors Serenity's massage rooms.

Capacity (pax): 25
Hourly Rate (IDR) 200,000
Daily Rate (IDR) 1,150,000
Location: Serenity 1
Flooring: Ceramic
For Aerial Yoga: No

Lounge Shala at Serenity 1

Located near the restaurant in the front and below our grand Banyan tree. This shala is the coolest during the hottest periods.

The floor has beautiful ceramic tile flooring, which keeps cool throughout the whole day.

Capacity (pax): 25
Hourly Rate: IDR 200,000
Daily Rate: IDR 1,150,000
Location: Serenity 1
Flooring: Ceramic tile
For Aerial Yoga: Yes

Satya Shala at Serenity 2


Located 500m from Serenity1 (Serenity Eco Guesthouse), our branch offers a beautiful wooden floor yoga shala.

Capacity (pax): 30
Monthly Rate: IDR 25,000,000
Yearly Rate/month: IDR 23,000,000
Location: Serenity 2
Flooring: Wood
For Aerial Yoga: No


  1. Hosting experience – Serenity has been hosting retreats since 2011. We will be there for you every step of the way: being host to your retreat, marketing, legal matter, payments and customer service.
  2. Affordability – We believe yoga and any health-oriented activity is for everyone and for all budgets of all backgrounds. Our yoga shalas come fully equipped yet we strive to provide the most affordable rates in Bali.
  3. Location – Ubud has yoga. Seminyak has surf. Canggu has both. Host your retreat in Bali’s fastest-growing region for yoga. A cool hip vibe for health-oriented individuals. Rich with beautiful beaches, healthy restaurants and shops. Serenity is just 150 meters from Canggu Beach.
  4. Strong customer base – Every month Serenity receives upwards of 4,500 yogis. Health orientated individuals searching for the ultimate experience. Serenity is ranked as one of Asia’s most affordable budget retreats by Yovada and is listed at the top 5 most popular yoga packages on


Indonesia is and always will be a land of uncertainty. Continuously changing immigration laws makes it difficult to know what the real regulations are. On top of that, you need to focus all your energy and time on what is essential, your retreat, yourself, and your students.

Depending on your retreat/workshop requirements, we can help guide you in providing the best solution in regards to legal matters.


Serenity is not responsible for any injury or loss during the function and shall not be held liable under any condition.
Full payment of rental use to be paid before using the shala
Serenity's other facilities are not part of the rented shala.

See our complete Terms and Conditions here.

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